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E97 Tips on How to Find Your Passion and Take the Leap with Joe Johnston

May 13, 2021

Been thinking about taking a leap of faith in your life?? Fellow entrepreneur, Joe Johnston, recently took a big leap in his own life by quitting his corporate job to pursue full-time entrepreneurship. He’s here on the show this week to offer you some quality tips on how to find your passion, be disciplined with that passion, and how the people around you can be your biggest catalysts in helping you FUEL your passion! Tune in to learn more and see below for the full list of topics covered in this episode with Joe. 

Key Topics

  • Breaking down Joe’s latest leap of faith he has taken in his life and how it has affected him 
  • Joe’s background 
  • The signs Joe noticed that lead him to take the leap of faith he took 
  • How to find your passion and how to be disciplined with it once you do 
  • The importance of healing in your life
  • Why you should find people you vibe with and that support you 
  • How to see your own “superpowers” 
  • Joe’s story of leaving corporate to pursue entrepreneurship
  • How to overcome being nervous when cold-calling or public speaking
  • Why Joe is not afraid of his new venture despite the risks 
  • Defining who could benefit from connecting with Joe 
  • What “thriving” means to Joe


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