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E94 Finding What Makes You Come Alive and Going All In with Erin and CJ Finley

April 21, 2021

Finding your passion can be a struggle, and so can figuring out what to do with it once you do find it. In this episode, we welcome Erin back to the show to chat about what has been making us come alive. Tune in to hear more of this, as well as to learn the importance of going all in on your goals, doing things for you, business tips from CJ, and so much more. See below for a full list of topics covered in this episode. 

Key Topics


  • What’s been helping Erin “feel alive” lately
  • Breaking down Erin’s goals and what she wants to dive into 
  • The importance of putting “two feet” into what you do 
  • Erin on the importance of doing something “for you” 
  • What CJ has been “getting rid of” in his life and how he’s working on eliminating stress
  • How CJ knows what to focus on and who to work with in business 
  • The ways that CJ has been improving his health recently 


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