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E92 Living in Acceptance of the Present with Brandon Bergado

April 8, 2021

We tend to get so caught up in worrying about the past or the future that we miss out on the present moment. Tune into this episode of the podcast to hear from Brandon Bergado about how a serious hockey injury forced him to give up his dreams and change his path, and the ways he has gone about seeking a life of acceptance. We also chat about his journey through starting his brand, Small Talk, with a few of his friends and the lessons learned throughout that experience. Tune in for more and see below for a full list of topics covered in this episode with Brandon Bergado. 

Key Topics

  • What forced Brandon to quit hockey and transition into what he’s doing now 
  • Why Brandon started “Small Talk” and breaking down what it is 
  • The struggles he has faced in starting it 
  • The importance of delegating to a team 
  • How his team managed conflict and growing pains 
  • Brandon walking CJ through the process of “Small Talk” 
  • How Brandon balances school and personal growth
  • The type of person that should reach out to Brandon 
  • What thriving means to Brandon 


Meditations by Marcus Aurelius 

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