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E91 Trusting Your Gut and Learning by Doing with Chelsea Mansfield

March 31, 2021

Making big moves in your life requires you to lean into your gut and simply learn by doing! But how do you go about better trusting your gut even when it’s hard? Tune in to learn from Chelsea Mansfield as she shares her story of uprooting from her hometown, moving to Austin, Texas, adjusting to her job, and so much more! 

Key Topics

  • How Chelsea got her nickname and her background in sports 
  • What brought her to Austin, Texas, and the challenges she faced when moving to ATX
  • How to not let your corporate job and your boss “eat you alive” 
  • Chelsea’s experience with learning about her hormones and the harmful effects of birth control on women 
  • Her mindset-shift in her relationship with alcohol 
  • Breaking down the type of person who would vibe with Chelsea
  • What “thriving” means to her


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