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E89 Growing a Blog and Changing Our Approach to Health with Katey Yurko, Creator of Violet Fog Potions

March 17, 2021

Katey Yurko has a vision to see people making the mind-body connection with the food they eat. She is passionate about helping people like you improve the health of their skin, gut, and overall mood through her company and her blog, “Violet Fog”. She joins us in this episode to chat about how she started her blog, what has helped her grow it, and even gives us an inside look into her Violet Fog Potions. Tune in to learn more about Katey and to hear her full story.

Key Topics

  • How Katey came up with the name “Violet Fog” 
  • What brought Katey to Austin 
  • Breaking down Katey’s blog and explaining how/why she started it 
  • How she grew Violet Fog and what helped her to stand out
  • Dissecting her writing process for her blog
  • The struggles of making money as a creative 
  • Katey’s daily routines 
  • How she came up with the Violet Fog potion 
  • Katey’s plan and vision for the future of Violet Fog
  • Defining the people who would vibe with Katey 
  • What “thriving” means to Katey


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