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E88 Keeping Your Mission In Focus with James Quigley, Business Coach and Consultant

March 10, 2021

Are you FOCUSED in on your mission? James Quigley joins us on the ThriveOn Life Podcast this week to offer YOU some practical tips on how to get focused in on your mission to grow your business and influence in today’s world. Tune in to hear James’ full story and to learn more about the topics listed below. 

Key Topics

- James’ experience emceeing in Kuwait

- The struggles he faced at a young age and the steps he took to turn it around through fitness and entrepreneurship

- James’ story of being fired by his mentor/friend and how it was exactly what he needed at the time 

- Lessons James wished he had known sooner 

- The importance of aligning your actions with your words 

- The importance of having clearly defined values and a clear mission that you stand by 

- Why you need to know what your customer wants 

- How to not feel bad for selling to people 

- James’ bigger vision mission 

- The most common problems James sees 

- James’ “perfect customer”

- What thriving means to James


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