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E87 Living Mindfully: A Conversation About Stoicism with Noah Huisman

March 3, 2021

Stoicism has become very popular and somewhat of a trend in recent times, but what really is it? Noah Huisman joins us on the show to break it all down for us and debunk any myths you may have heard about it. So tune in and learn about how Stoicism has changed Noah’s life and how it can begin to change yours!

Key Topics

- How Noah became interested in Stoicism and how it has helped him 

- Breaking down what Stoicism is 

- What Stoicism lacks to offer  

- The importance of taking advantage of life and living it to the fullest now

- Breaking down the meaning of CJ’s tattoos

- What “thriving” means to Noah

Resources Mentioned

Meditations by Marcus Aurelius

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