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E86 Overcoming Fear and Breaking Comfort Zones to Build a Successful Business with Madeline Salamon, Founder of Credo Foods

February 24, 2021

Building a business is one of the hardest things we as humans can do, however, it is so rewarding. There are many fears that must be overcome in order to build a business and this week’s guest, Madeline Salamon, is a testament to that. In this episode, she walks us through the fears she had to overcome in starting her business, Credo Foods, as well as her journey of going vegan, some useful tips regarding your diet and nutrition, and so much more!

Key Topics

- Why the Salamon family decided to go vegan 

- Evidence-based nutrition vs fad diets 

- The importance of eating true fiber and going oil-free

- Maddie’s story of facing fear and moving to Austin 

- How to know when a relationship, situation, idea, etc. isn’t right

- The story of how Madeline and her husband met and how he has supported her journey 

- The life of being a mom and an entrepreneur and how she balances both

- Her vision for the future of Credo Foods

- The importance of finding your “why”

- What “thriving” means to Madeline 

Resources Mentioned

How Not to Die - Gene Stone

Fiber Fueled - Will Bulsiewicz


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“It’s always scarier in your mind than it is in real life.” -Madeline Salamon

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