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E84 Relationship Q&A; An Inside Look Into the Couple Behind ThriveOn Life, with CJ and Erin Finley

February 10, 2021

Happy Valentines Day y’all! In recognition of the holiday this weekend, we welcomed the ThriveOn Wife, Erin Finley back to the show to chat about her and CJ’s marriage and answer some relationship questions based on their own experiences. Whether you’re single, dating, or married, there is quality relationship info in here for everyone! Tune in for more and see below for the list of questions/topics covered in this episode with CJ and Erin Finley. 

Key Topics

  • What comes to mind when they think about Valentines day
  • The biggest takeaways from their previous relationships
  • The importance of timing in relationships 
  • How to improve communication and be intentional with it 
  • Sharing their biggest surprises about marriage 
  • Sharing their biggest relationship struggles 
  • The differences that come with being a couple in both entrepreneurship and the corporate world
  • How to know if someone is “the one” or not
  • How to keep the spark in your marriage 
  • Sharing their favorite parts of their relationship with one another

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