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E83 Becoming the Author of Your Own Story with Joe Lindley, Founder of Fourwards Movement

February 3, 2021

In order to THRIVE, we have to be willing to write our own story, despite how uncomfortable that may feel. In this episode, Joe Lindley tells us all about how a trip to the Grand Canyon completely changed his life, and how he is now in the process of building a brand to inspire others to embrace all of life’s moments, even the not so exciting ones. Tune in to hear Joe’s story and learn more about becoming the author of your own story. 

Key Topics

- What it means to write your own story

- How a trip to the Grand Canyon changed Joe’s life 

- The event that caused a shift in his mindset and attitude towards life and school

- Why he moved to Austin and how he got into videography 

- How to finish projects as a creative and the fulfillment it brings

- A story of Joe embracing the unknown and stepping out of his comfort zone

- The importance of learning from failures 

- Who his brand is for 

- The ways that Joe pushes himself to improve regularly 

- The importance of the people around you 


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“That low made the next high so much sweeter.” - Joe Lindley

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