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E82 Optimizing Your Life Through Functional Medicine with Dr. Riva Robinson

January 28, 2021

Want to live an optimized life but don’t know what that looks like or how to get there? Well, good news for you! We’ve got Dr. Riva Robinson on the show this week as we chat about her journey through the medical industry, why she moved away from it, and how she is now using functional medicine to help others live an optimized life and THRIVE! Tune in to hear Dr. Riva’s story and learn more about how to use functional medicine to optimize your own life. 

Key Topics

- How Dr. Riva learned traditional medicine wasn’t for her at a young age

- Her journey of rejecting med-school and taking a year off after college

- The horrors she saw in the medical industry 

- Breaking the mold by doing what you want despite what others say

- Defining what functional medicine truly is

- Why Dr. Riva emphasizes finding your purpose in being healthy

- How to get extra energy and optimize your health 

- What to do when people refuse to change

- Breaking down her program 

- The importance of educating children about proper nutrition and why change starts with them 

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