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E79 Building Solid Foundations and Thriving on Leadership with Jevin Koleth, Leadership Coach

January 7, 2021

You may have heard before that you need a solid foundation for your life, business, relationships, etc., but how do we go about building these foundations? 


Today, we welcome to the show Jevin Koleth, a Leadership Coach who is dedicated to helping other leaders THRIVE by helping them to build solid foundations in their lives. In this episode, we define character development, chat about mentorship, discuss what it truly means to be a leader, and how you can build a solid foundation in your life. 


- How to shift your mindset when things go wrong

- Defining character development

- How mentorship has impacted Jevin’s life

- The issues surrounding titles in jobs and in life

- What core values are and why you should know yours

- The importance of a solid foundation 

- How to use your weaknesses as a superpower 


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“Thriving is just doing something everyday that fulfills what I believe in.” -Jevin Koleth

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