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E78 How to Change Your Life in One Word with Rich Keller, Motivational Speaker and Coach

December 31, 2020

Did you know that YOU are your own personal brand? What about HOW to define that personal brand? This week’s guest is Rich Keller, who defines himself as a “catalyst” as he helps others find and cultivate their personal brand so that they can THRIVE. 


Join us and learn how to WIN in 2021 by finding your own “one word”, as well as pick up many other useful lessons from a man that truly lives to THRIVE. See below for a full list of topics covered in this episode with Rich Keller. 

Key Topics

- How to know what you’ve got BEFORE it’s gone 

- Rich and his wife’s battles with cancer

- Walking away from his well-paying corporate job to pursue a dream

- How to figure out your “one word”

- How to “just start” 

- What you do is not who you are, but who you are drives what you do 

- Money follows value

-The importance of free work 

- Asking how you can help others 

Resources Mentioned

The Catalyst Effect Podcast with Rich Keller (Spotify) 

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“If you want a legacy, go make it.” -Rich Keller

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