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E76: Keeping Up With The Finleys: Reflections on the Past Year with CJ and Erin Finley, the Husband and Wife Duo Behind ThriveOnLife

December 17, 2020

The ThriveOn Wife is back! CJ’s wife, Erin is back on the show today as the couple reflects on the past year and the lessons learned through 2020. They dive into why they invested in the Thrive HQ, their plans falling apart due to COVID-19, and how they have adapted and still made it to be one of the best decisions they have ever made. They also discuss visions for 2021 and more lessons they learned from this year. Tune in and enjoy catching up with the Finleys! 

Key Topics

- The importance of reflecting and taking action 

- How COVID forced CJ and Erin to adapt 

- Dealing with the “now what?” trap

- CJ’s visions for the future with Thrive HQ

- Creating an environment to THRIVE

- Dealing with feeling uncomfortable working out at the gym

- How blood work has helped them evaluate and improve their health

- Struggling to follow through on things 

- Competing with yourself

- Why you should learn a new skill 

- How to fuel your passion 

- Embracing discomfort 


Connect with Erin:

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(CJ's Instagram 

Thrive On Life Instagram 

Thrive On Life Website )

“As I reflect, I want to be able to say that I tried different things and I’ve broken past certain limitations in my mind.” -Erin Finley

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