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E74 Find Your Spark with Genevieve A., Lifestyle Fitness Enthusiast

December 3, 2020

Genevieve was on the path to follow in her mother’s footsteps and become a nurse when she decided to pivot and chase a life built around what she LOVES to do, which is help people learn how to make fitness a part of their daily lives. We were privileged to welcome her to the show this week as we chat about everything from managing setbacks, changing career paths, and more to help you “find your spark”. Tune in to learn more about Genevieve and how YOU can step into doing what you love. 


- Finding your “spark” 

- How to handle it when your world gets flipped upside down

- Breaking free from what you feel like you’re “supposed to do” and stepping into what you LOVE to do 

- Defining what you are really looking for

- How to be an intentional listener

- The importance of being genuine and stepping into yourself

- Why you should “step away” from your phone more often and tips on how to do so

- Guarding your energy

- Why you don’t have to be in athletics to be fit

Resources Mentioned

Digital Minimalism - Cal Newport 

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“It turns out, the answer was always within me.” -Genevieve Alfond

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