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E72 The Power of Consistency with Patrick Lyons, YouTuber and Entrepreneur

November 19, 2020

Whether it’s running around a library in a t-rex costume during finals or teaching you about fitness, Patrick Lyons does it all. In addition to growing a sizable following on YouTube, Patrick spends his days working as an engineer for Microsoft, all while also building up his own successful fitness company, The Lyon Shred. In this episode, we chat about how to start and grow your YouTube channel, the importance of setting long-term goals, the power of consistency, and so much more. See below for the full list of lessons/topics covered in this episode with Patrick Lyons. 


- The benefits of tracking your habits 

- How to set long-term goals

- The importance of managing your priorities 

- Why you should say “Yes” more 

- How to use exposure to gain opportunities

- How to gain confidence in speaking 

- How to grow your YouTube Channel 

- More YouTube tips 

- How to keep momentum even when it’s hard

- Adapting through COVID 


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“Don’t wait for someone else to take away an opportunity from you for you to reflect on your current situation.” -Patrick Lyons

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