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E71 Find Your Purpose with Emily Gigliotti, Founder and Producer of “The Purpose Project” Podcast

November 12, 2020

If you’ve ever wondered what your purpose in life is, this episode is for you! Emily Gigliotti is the founder and producer of a podcast titled “The Purpose Project”, which aims to help others like you find their purpose. Tune in and learn more about finding your purpose, refusing to settle, how to maximize the 24 hours in each day, and so much more. See below for the full list of lessons and topics covered in this value-packed episode with Emily. 


- Finding your purpose

- Maximizing the 24 hours in each day

- Knowing how/when to pivot

- Learning from others experiences

- Being valuable vs being selfish

- Refusing to settle

- Overcoming struggles to gain confidence

- Being gritty and going with your gut

- Falling out of love with a sport 

- Moving back home with family due to COVID-19

- Shifting from being the player to the coach

- Setting aside the ego to help others thrive

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“Keep moving forward.” - Emily Gigliotti

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