Thrive On Life Podcast

E40 Staying Optimistic and Adapting in Tough Times: Erin Interviews CJ

April 9, 2020

Tough times don’t last, tough people do. And we must be optimistic and adapt to our circumstances to overcome the adversity that is unfortunately placed upon us.


On this episode of the Thrive On Podcast, we're switching things up and CJ's wife Erin will take her first stab at hosting and interviewing CJ! We always strive to practice what we preach here and we want to show you we are continuing to challenge ourselves and adapt.


Erin did an EXCELLENT job as a first-time podcast host!

Here are some things we covered:

-What this Coronavirus situation has made CJ realize about his business

-Where CJ is choosing to focus his valuable time moving forward

-What CJ's fears are and how he's morphing them into fuel to get even more focused on his mission

-What motivates CJ to thrive every single day

-How to practice a more adaptive mindset and behaviors

-The key question to ask yourself to discover your life's work


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