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E214 ThriveOn Pregnancy: How to Remain Happy & Healthy While Pregnant, with Erin Finley

November 10, 2022

Big news!! CJ & Erin are expecting their first child!

In this episode, Erin joins us again to discuss her experience with being pregnant so far. We also chat about loneliness as a pregnant woman, how husbands can support their wives, how to stay active while pregnant, and so much more. Tune in for more and see below for a full list of topics covered in this episode.

Key Topics

  • How recently finding out he was going to be a father has already impacted CJ’s thoughts and day-to-day behaviors 
  • Expectations vs reality with having a child
  • How CJ’s objectives and priorities have shifted since Erin’s pregnancy 
  • Leaving flexibility in your priorities
  • Erin’s wave of emotions when she discovered she was pregnant
  • The feelings of loneliness in pregnancy
  • What challenges has Erin faced since becoming pregnant? 
  • How she has kept active during pregnancy and modified her workouts
  • The most useful resources that have helped Erin 
  • Advice for a man supporting his pregnant wife
  • Erin’s weirdest cravings so far 
  • How has CJ’s mindset shifted?
  • The lesson CJ wants to instill in his child
  • Being self-aware as a parent


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