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E208 How to Nurture Your Energy and Create the Life You Want, with Dr. Amberleigh Carter, DM, AMP, HHP

October 20, 2022

In this episode, we welcome Dr. Amberleigh Carter to the show to discuss how we can tap into a higher frequency to live life on our own terms. We also chat about what a doctor of metaphysics does, healthy/unhealthy suffering, breathing practices, and so much more. Tune in for more and see below for a full list of topics covered in this episode.

Key Topics

  • The importance of “playing” and having fun as an adult 
  • How Amberleigh became a Doctor of Metaphysics and how she helps people
  • Why it's so important to nurture yourself
  • Healthy vs unhealthy suffering 
  • Masculine and feminine energy 
  • What is a “state of being”?
  • Breathing practices and their influence on your body
  • Metaphysical touch and how it affects the human body
  • What it looks like to work with Amberleigh 
  • What does “thriving” mean to her?


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