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E198 ThriveOn Recovery: How to Improve Your Mental & Physical Wellbeing, with Kevin Kirsch DPT

September 15, 2022

In this episode, we welcome Kevin Kirsch DPT, founder of Blue Door Physical Therapy in Boulder, Colorado to the show to discuss recovery and its importance to our physical and mental health. We also cover the current issues with the medical/education systems, his PT business, common mistakes and misconceptions, measuring fitness goals in a healthy way, and so much more! 


Tune in to hear Kevin’s story of #thriving and see below for a complete list of topics covered in this episode.


Key Topics

  • How our current medical and education systems are failing us
  • Kevin’s background and credentials
  • How Kevin started his physical therapy business
  • Why did Kevin choose this path and the struggles that led to his decision
  • What is the common denominator is most injuries?
  • Common mistakes people make when lifting or working out
  • Improving how you move vs just lifting heavy weight
  • Measuring fitness goals in a healthy + intentional way 
  • Why knowing what truly motivates you is important 
  • An ideal change to the healthcare system
  • Recovery practices that anyone can do 
  • What does “thriving” mean to Kevin?


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