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E195 ThriveOn Entrepreneurship: How Jodie Cook Built & Sold a Business in Her 20’s

September 1, 2022

In this episode, we welcome Jodie Cook to share with us her journey of building a successful agency, selling it, and how that path has led her to influence a new generation of entrepreneurs! We also discuss tips to scale your business, book recommendations, powerlifting, and Jodie’s book, “Ten Year Career”. 


Tune in to hear Jodie’s story of #thriving and see below for a complete list of topics covered in this episode.


Key Topics

  • Introducing Jodie
  • The mindset behind Jodie starting her first company at 22 years old
  • How to get more clients
  • Systems to scale your business successfully 
  • Jodie’s advice based on the struggles she has overcome in building & selling a business
  • How she knew it was time to sell and move on to something new + what she did after selling her biz
  • Resiliency and how Jodie has both cultivated and continued to grow it throughout her entrepreneurial journey
  • How to decide what path to pursue
  • Journaling’s role in helping her entrepreneurial skills
  • Reading, Jodie’s book recommendations, and different reading styles
  • Influencing the next generation by providing entrepreneurial resources in schools
  • How she is impacting the younger generation
  • Jodie’s powerlifting journey 
  • What skill parlays from powerlifting into business?
  • Her book and who can benefit from it (
  • What does “thriving” mean to Jodie




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