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E181 Get Out of Your Own Way, with Vendy Steinberga

July 14, 2022

In this episode, we welcome LinkedIn Coach, Vendy Steinberga, to discuss how you can get out of your own way to start thriving! We also discuss community, content creation & distribution, why you need a personal brand, self-education, and so much more.


Tune in to hear Vendy's story of #thriving and see below for a complete list of topics covered in this episode.


Key Topics

  • What brought her to Austin, TX from London
  • The lifestyle difference between London and Texas
  • What it means to “play”
  • How to jump into community
  • The story of how Vendy got started using LinkedIn to grow her business
  • Her target customer 
  • Why having a personal brand is important to your business
  • How to deal with negativity and haters 
  • The benefits of investing in courses, coaches, and other learning resources
  • How she got to where she is today through self-education
  • Tips on how to reach out to other people and take control of your mind
  • Not staying somewhere that you don’t belong 
  • How to connect with Vendy
  • What “thriving” means to her


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