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E131 ThriveOn Financial Freedom; Why & How to Start Investing in Cryptocurrency, with Yash Chitneni

January 20, 2022

Everyone wants to be financially free but few know how to get there. Yash Chitneni is well on his mission to financial freedom, and he joins us this week to chat about cryptocurrency, why you should invest, and his story of being able to quit his job last summer because of crypto! We also chat about identity, creating content, and so much more. Tune in for more and see below for a full list of topics covered in this episode with Yash.

Key Topics

  • Introducing Yash and breaking down who he is 
  • How Yash got into creating content & media 
  • Why he recently quit his job 
  • The importance of identifying “processes” in your life 
  • How Yash got into cryptocurrency and how it has helped him on his goal to financial freedom
  • Resources to learn more about crypto
  • Why you should invest in crypto 
  • How to get in contact with Yash 
  • What does “thriving” mean to him


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