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E129 Focus on Yourself; How to Stay True to You and THRIVE, with Erin Finley as host

January 6, 2022

“It’s less about what you set for yourself to achieve each year and more what you do every day, as that becomes who you are.” - Erin Finley


As we do every quarter, we welcome the ThriveOn Wife, Erin Finley back to the show but this time she is the host and CJ is in the hot seat! In this episode, we discuss CJ’s goals for 2022, the lessons learned in the past year, how to find & pursue your passion, and so much more! We also chat about ice baths, the importance of community, and how to stop seeking validation for others and just focus on yourself. Tune in for more and see below for a full list of topics covered in this episode.

Key Topics

  • By the end of this year, what is ONE thing CJ hopes to have accomplished in the year? 
  • What he believes he could improve in 2022
  • The importance of community and how having a community of men has benefited CJ’s life
  • Lessons CJ has learned in regards to processing emotions and how you can implement them into your life 
  • What do you need to let go of in 2022? 
  • The dangers of seeking public validation and how to let go of it 
  • How to find your passion and pursue it 
  • CJ’s journey with an autoimmune disease and his process of recovery through it 
  • Living a healthy life vs seeking a “quick fix”
  • Ice baths and how they have changed CJ’s life + the importance of recovery
  • Writing and journaling; why he does it and how it can help you improve your life + achieve your goals 
  • How to stop worrying about what others think 
  • What CJ hopes this podcast will bring to you as a listener 
  • Erin’s takeaways as the host of this episode



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