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E126 ThriveOn Intuition: How to Be a Better Entrepreneur, with Zach Pograb

December 16, 2021

Trust yourself! Zach Pograb joins us this week to chat about how to lean into your intuition and why, tips & tricks for being a better entrepreneur, and so much more! We also chat about Web 3, NFTs, and how to consistently produce value. Tune in to hear Zach’s story of #thriving and see below for a full list of topics covered in this episode.

Key Topics

  • Breaking down the “mountains” Zach has overcome and how it has affected his life today
  • How to handle being at the “top of the mountain” 
  • Tips for how/where to start in entrepreneurship
  • Zach’s tips and tricks for being a better entrepreneur & marketer 
  • Why you should become “obsessed with learning” 
  • The importance of the people around you and having people to speak into you
  • How to consistently put out value into the world 
  • Breaking down “Web 3”, Crypto & NFTs, and the Metaverse 
  • What Zach is working on right now in the virtual space 
  • How he plans to use his brand in “Web 3” 
  • Who should connect with him & who can learn from him
  • What “thriving” means to Zach


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