Thrive On Life Podcast

E122 How Comedy, Health, and Marketing are All Related, with Allison Wojtowecz

November 11, 2021

Whoever said you could only have one career hasn’t met Allison!


She is not only a stand-up comedian but also works in marketing and content creation as well. In this episode, we chat about her story of getting started with stand-up, balancing both careers, managing negative feedback, and so much more. Tune in to hear more from Allison and see below for a full list of topics covered. 


Key Topics & Timestamps

  • 0:00 Intro
  • 0:30 How Allison trolled CJ the first time they met. 
  • 5:36 How did Allison get involved in digital marketing and content production?
  • 11:05 What are tips for the average person to start creating content and building a social media following?
  • 14:03 What type of businesses did Allison start off producing content for?
  • 16:57 How did Allison become a comedian? 
  • 17:50 How to find comedy / get involved with comedy in your town. 
  • 18:45 If someone wants to try being a comedian, what steps should they take?
  • 21:38 Allison does Shitfaced Shakespeare. 
  • 27:10 How Allison took unpaid internships to gain experience and get to the next level. 
  • 29:43 What Allison did to gain a digital marketing job at Paleo FX. 
  • 36:00 How does Allison handle being overwhelmed? 
  • 43:28 How does understanding marketing help her on the comedic stage? And how does the comedic stage help her with digital marketing? 
  • 47:35 What does it feel like to be heckled while on stage? 
  • 52:30 What are the next steps in Allison’s life and career?
  • 57:12 What does THRIVING mean to Allison? 


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