Thrive On Life Podcast

E112: 5 -Step Process to Improve Your Life in 30 days.

August 26, 2021

In this episode learn about a short 5-step process to help you reflect on your life, improve your habits and behaviors, and optimize yourself so that your future dreams become your current reality.

This is a YouTube podcast, so if you would like to see CJ work this out on a whiteboard, tune in at and go to the ThriveOnLife Podcast playlist. 

0:49 Step 1 - what is your ideal life?

5:44 Step 2 - how to hold yourself accountable.

7:04 Step 3 - how to change your habits and behaviors.

11:07 Step 4 - swapping your bad actions for GOOD ACTIONS.

14:33 Step 5 - who do you admire? why do you admire them? and how can you take actions similar to them?

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