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E111 Thriving in the Face of Tragedy with Mason Hopkins

August 19, 2021

When we’re faced with tragedy, we are also faced with a choice: how we handle it. In this episode, we chat with Mason Hopkins about a tragedy he recently faced in his life and how he has still chosen to thrive through it all. Tune in to hear the full, inspiring story, and see below for a full list of topics covered. 

Key Topics

  • Finding the purpose of your life 
  • How tragedy led him to start writing more 
  • The ways he expressed himself and found outlets in tough times 
  • How he has managed the loss of a loved one recently 
  • Making the most out of life and accepting what comes your way 
  • His story of growing up in a small town and moving out to make a name for himself 
  • The things he’s working on and his plans for the future 
  • How to connect with Mason 
  • What thriving means to him 


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