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E106 Thriving on Transformation; How a Panda Suit Changed Vanda Taupradist’s Life

July 15, 2021

Transformation starts from within! Vanda Taupradist, better known as Vanda The Panda (listen to learn whyūüėČ), ¬†shares with us her inspiring story of transformation through weight loss and mindset shifts in this episode. Tune in as we chat about how to be authentic, her story of weight loss, how to stay motivated, and so much more. See below for a full list of key topics and tune in to hear Vanda‚Äôs inspiring story!¬†

Key Topics

  • The story behind how she got her nickname
  • How to be more authentic in today‚Äôs day and age
  • What helped her become more extroverted and outgoing¬†
  • The story of how her dad‚Äôs health impacted her own journey¬†
  • Vanda‚Äôs inspiring weight loss story¬†
  • Her routine for change and how she turned her life around
  • How to stay motivated¬†
  • Her workshops and how they have impacted her life¬†
  • Where she‚Äôs at in her life today¬†
  • What ‚Äúthriving‚ÄĚ means to her¬†

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