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E101 Homeless to Thriving Entrepreneur with Isaac Mogannam, The Plant-Based Hacker

June 10, 2021

How did Isaac Mogannam go from living out of his car to being the co-founder of multiple successful plant-based restaurants in Austin, Texas? Tune in to find out! Plus hear all about how to be more sustainable with what you eat and the importance of doing so, the struggles Isaac faced in starting his businesses, and so much more.   

Key Topics

  • Isaac’s story of living out of his car to where he is at in life now 
  • How he got back on his feet after being homeless 
  • How veganism and the plant-based lifestyle fits into his story and what inspired him to go plant-based
  • Educating on how the meat and food industry affects the environment and animals 
  • Some ways that you can become more sustainable in your life 
  • The biggest struggles Isaac has faced in starting/running a plant-based business
  • The type of person who should reach out to Isaac 
  • What thriving means to Isaac


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