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E98 Changing the Narrative on Fitness and Body Image with Bella Martin

May 20, 2021

While fitness is a great thing, it’s no secret that there is an underlying and extremely toxic narrative in our society, especially for females. Bella Martin was once a victim of that narrative until she chose to ignore it and create her own! Tune in to listen to her inspiring story of how she flipped the script on fitness, found a new, healthier passion for working out, overcame struggles, and so much more. Give this episode a listen to learn more and see below for a full list of topics covered in this episode with Bella. 

Key Topics

  • Where Bella found her passion for fitness
  • The struggles she had to overcome through her fitness journey
  • How Bella dealt with the pressures to look and perform a certain way as a female athlete 
  • The ways we can change the narrative on body image in the fitness industry
  • What Bella has done to beat recent struggles and get “back in the saddle”
  • Her view on nutrition and counting calories
  • How she got into CrossFit and why she was hesitant at first
  • Defining who should connect with Bella 


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