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E75 Doing Business the Golden Way with Clark Nowlin, CEO of Golden Ratio

December 10, 2020

The quality of the people around you is a direct reflection of the quality of your life. The same is true for your business. Clark Nowlin, Founder and CEO of Golden Ratio learned this early on and attributes the quality of the people he works with to the success of his company. In this episode of the ThriveOnLife Podcast, we chat with Clark about what Golden Ratio is and how it started, the importance of delegating to a team, seizing opportunity, and so much more. Tune in and learn how to start your day, the golden way! 

Key Topics

- Breaking down what Golden Ratio is and how it’s made 

- The origin story of Golden Ratio

- Persisting through the tough times

- The importance of understanding what you are good at and delegating the rest 

- Clark’s journey through music and the lessons it taught him 

- Why the quality of people on your team is crucial 

- Explaining the branding behind Golden Ratio

Resources Mentioned

Losing My Virginity - Richard Branson (Autobiography)  (

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“At this corporate job, I’m counting time. Where I’m going, this is going to teach me how to make my time count.” -Clark Nowlin\

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