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E123 Leaning Into Opportunity & Embracing Who You Are, with Nikki Koplitz

November 18, 2021

What opportunities should you be leaning into? Nikki Koplitz joins us this week to chat about her experiences with overcoming fear, moving to Denver, and embodying who she really wants to be! We also chat about transitioning from society’s view of body image to embracing who you are and what you love. Tune in to hear more from Nikki and see below for a full list of topics covered. 


Key Topics

  • What inspired her to say “yes” to come on the podcast 
  • Overcoming imposter syndrome 
  • Why you might be making excuses for yourself and how to stop
  • Struggling with loneliness in entrepreneurship
  • The fears women face in weightlifting in regards to body image 
  • Focusing on being a “good athlete” as a woman instead of society’s view of body image 
  • Her transition from moving from society’s view to what she really wants to embody 
  • The struggles that can come with being a “jack of all trades” instead of an expert in one field 
  • What inspired her to start a YouTube Channel 
  • Her motive behind moving to Denver and how the whole thing came about 
  • Growing up in New Jersey and her move to New York 
  • How going to therapy has helped her mindset 
  • What the near future looks like for Nikki 
  • What type of person should connect with her 
  • Asking what “Thriving” means to Nikki  


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